At al.ive body, we believe that our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just creating environmentally conscious products. We also want to give back to the environment that inspires our products. That is why we have partnered with leading environmental organisations to support their efforts in protecting our planet. We are committed to ongoing support of environmental organisations to ensure that we continue to make a positive impact on the planet. Through our partnerships, we support initiatives such as reforestation, land conservation and community programs. At al.ive body, we believe that we have a responsibility to leave the planet better than we found it. We are dedicated to doing our part, and we invite our customers to join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future.

reusable vessels


cruelty free


coorong lakes


In a landmark collaboration we have joined forces with Wilderlands, an innovative biodiversity startup.

Together, we introduce the Limited Edition Coastal Wildflower Duo, a product that not only pays tribute to the unique flora and fauna of South Australia's Coorong Lakes region but also champions a groundbreaking environmental preservation initiative.
alleena project


As part of al.ive body’s commitment to give back to the environment that inspires the products we create, we have committed to protecting 4,350㎡ of land for biodiversity in Alleena, Located on Wiradjuri country in the heart of the New South Wales’ Riverina.

We have partnered with the team at Wilderlands to purchase 4,350 Biological Diversity Units located within the Alleena Project each representing 1㎡ of permanently-protected Australian land.
community + youth support

3 sons fitness

In recognition of the culture and country shared and in celebration of the al.ive body X Cungelella Art collaboration, we will be donating $10,000 to 3 Sons Fitness.

3 Sons was born from John and Jaunita’s desire to create a business that would not only support their family but also allow them to share their knowledge and passion for healthy living within their small local community.
tree planting for reforestation

one tree planted

Between 2020-2022, al.ive body worked alongside One Tree Planted to support a total of 76,000 trees planted. Over this time, we have supported a range of communities across Australia to support habitat restoration, bushfire recovery and biodiversity projects.