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We sat down with John, the founder of 3 Sons Fitness to learn about his passion and work within his local community in the creation of 3 Sons Fitness. 

Can you tell us a little bit about 3 Sons Fitness and what you are doing within your community? 
I am creating positive pathways, with positive behaviours and genuine opportunities  and outcome, bridging gaps and breaking down barriers between different stereotypes and demographics.

What is the 3 Sons Fitness Mission Statement?
To create pathways for youth for a better future.

What inspired you to start 3 Sons Fitness?
Growing up in a house where my dad was a Police Liaison Officer for 30 years right up until he passed, the passion to help has always been apart of my life. It was a natural progression as I got older to do the same through sport and life in general.  The prospects seem slim for a lot the kids out here majority of indigenous, but also disadvantage youth from a lot of different circumstances, so work with the police, school and local community to identify kids that need that support and get them into the gym.

If you could outline 3 key things you would like 3 sons to achieve / have an impact on within its work, what would they be?
1. Firstly that the gym is a safe space for them

2. That being fit and healthy is not only normal but seen as a more favourable lifestyle

3. Create an environment of non judgement and a fit for all no matter what your colour race gender age etc.

What is the most rewarding part of the work you are doing?
Seeing the success in outcome, I have volunteered my time for years and to see kids get jobs and support themselves and still come back and train and adults. To see the community connect with these students, I intentionally make the paths of my students cross with the gym clients to start the recognition on each other on neutral ground, creating familiar faces for the student out in the community.
Can you tell us a little about a recent project or initiative you have completed or are working on?
I have been able to get 48 kids to come through my doors in the last 9 months to engage in positive activities and lifestyles and help multiple kids start their journeys in work and sports. Two boys have been asked and accepted to rugby league schools and scholarships in Townsville and the Sunshine Coast to better their schooling and embark on rugby league futures. Also, young kids entering the workforce and being able to be a reference on their resumes and to start apprenticeships and full time work. A number of kids that attended our gym for years have gone onto uni and still come back and attend classes while on break. This is an ongoing process providing pathways out of here or to gain employment to support themselves. I have relationships with a lot of the business in town to take on students and I am in contact communications with them and the students.
Can you please provide 2-3 quotes from people you have worked with that highlight the impact your organisation has had on them/ their lives. 
Student 1 (female) was being bullied and harassed to the point of self harm and suicidal thoughts “if i didn’t have the gym and my parents I don't know if I’d be here” she would stay here from the first afternoon class at 4pm-7.30pm 4 days a week.

Student 2 (male) “I would be drinking, smoking, vaping, partying and taking drugs if I didn't start coming to this gym I also wouldn’t of been able to make the footy teams I have been able to make if I wasn't attending Johns gym.

Student 3 (male) classes as legally blind, numerous heart operations “ Its given me the confidence to engage with everyday activities and feel a sense of normality 

What impact will the $10,000 dollar donation from al.ive body have on the work you are doing / are there any key initiatives this donation will be going towards?
It will help provide more kids to be apart of the gym, with not only bettering their physical health, but also helping regulate their emotional and mental health within a supportive environment