about us

Welcome to al.ive body, where the seamless convergence of practicality and luxury reimagines personal and home care. Our products effortlessly marry functionality with aesthetics, infusing a touch of opulence into every facet of life.

Founded by interior design experts Alisa and Lysandra Fraser, our brand originates from their pursuit of products that harmonise with living spaces. Their talent for crafting visually alluring and functional pieces goes beyond mere routines, transforming them into cherished rituals and converting spaces into welcoming sanctuaries.

Renowned for our iconic interlocking bottles, bespoke trays and stations, elegant fragrances, and captivating colours, our offerings embody a distinctive blend of form and function. From the heart of Australia, our commitment to crafting conscious products is evident in every detail. We stand proudly as an Australian-made brand, with a dedication to sustainability that extends to the ingredients we choose. At al.ive body, luxury is purposeful, beauty is conscious, and every product is an invitation to elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary.

formulated in australia

botanical extracts

giving back

free from palm oil

cruelty free + vegan

design inspired

a message from our founders

As interior designers, aesthetic yet highly functional design is the primary focus of all our interior transformations. It is our belief that our surroundings largely define the way that we feel, and consequently shape the quality of our daily lives.

Integrating this ethos with our desire to live a more conscious lifestyle was at the top of our agenda when creating al.ive body. The result is a personal care range that marries high-end product design and integrity with the demands of the conscious consumer.

our approach

At al.ive body, we thrive on evolution, always in tune with the pulse of changing demands. Through constant engagement with our vibrant community, we shape our strategies to resonate with the conscious consumer's needs and desires. This synergy ensures that our products are not just possessions but reflections of mindful living.

Renowned for our iconic interlocking bottles, bespoke trays and stations, elegant fragrances, and captivating colours, our offerings transcend mere products. They become an essential part of your space. Join us in the journey of redefining personal and home care, where routines become rituals and spaces transform into sanctuaries.

design with purpose

With an innate grasp of interior design, our founders Alisa and Lysandra craft products that blend effortlessly into your living space. They understand how to elevate both aesthetics and functionality, creating products that are as visually stunning as they are practical.

Their dedication to crafting environments that radiate positivity and elevate everyday experiences forms the core essence of al.ive body. This devotion resonates in each product, turning routines into meaningful rituals and spaces into inviting sanctuaries.