Wilderlands: Behind the Colour & Scent

Wilderlands: Behind the Colour & Scent - al.ive body

At al.ive body, we turn to nature for inspiration in all that we do. But through our collaboration with Wilderlands, we had the rare opportunity to take inspiration from an incredible area that is only an hour's drive away from our headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia. 

The Coorong Region is filled with wild and untamed beauty, but also has been at risk of being cleared for farming. We had the privilege of touring the area with the Wilderlands team to learn all about the initiative, and we were immediately struck by the stunning landscapes, where the earthy greenery met the stunning blue skies, and with the scent of native florals and salty water in the air. 

Thus, the Coastal Wildflower Wash & Lotion Duo was born.

The beautiful sky blue hue mirrors the wild coastal landscape of the Coorong lakes region in South Australia. Reminiscent of clear blue skies, tranquil waters, and vibrant coastal wildflowers, this refreshing and calming colour adds a touch of serenity to your self-care routine. 

We were also inspired by topographic maps and their contour lines with the gorgeous embossing, as these are what are often used in environmental conservation.

Our refreshing scent boasts notes of coastal daisy, grass tree flowers, and native currants – capturing the essence of the wild coastal landscape. It evokes the relaxation and energy of native wildflowers in spring and the invigorating salty breeze from the ocean. We captured the untamed essence of Mount Sandy and the Coorong region through, creating a fragrance that encapsulates the spirit of the land. There are notes of Banksia, Coastal Daisy, Bergamot, Wild rosemary and Coastal Tea Tree.