Wilderlands: About Our Partnership

Wilderlands: About Our Partnership - al.ive body

al.ive body has been working closely with Wilderlands, a biodiversity start-up, since 2023.  Together, we have created the al.ive body x Wilderlands - Coastal Wildflower Wash & Lotion Duo. inspired by the flora and fauna of the Coorong Lakes region in South Australia.



At the core of this partnership is the endeavour to secure voluntary biodiversity units, a pioneering initiative on a global scale. These units ensure the perpetual protection and management of individual one square metre plots of land for 20 years within high ecological value projects. With the sale of every Limited Edition al.ive body x Wilderlands - Coastal Wildflower Duo, a square metre of precious Australian vulnerable habitat will be safeguarded indefinitely.


The Coorong Lakes site, focal point of the preservation efforts, holds not only ecological significance but also profound cultural importance. It is a place where the land and its custodians share an inseparable bond. The project aligns with the rich history of the Ngarrindjeri custodians, aiming to gradually transition ownership back to the traditional guardians of the land.



Despite initial challenges, including the site's history as a potential grazing ground threatening delicate ecosystems, Wilderlands has worked tirelessly alongside conservation partners to transform the Coorong Lakes project into a beacon of conservation excellence. Today, it stands as a sanctuary for numerous species and vital ecosystem services, a testament to the power of collaborative conservation efforts.

Together, we can make a difference, one square metre at a time.