al.ive body x Wilderlands

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Inspired by nature, dedicated to conservation

We are thrilled to unveil our partnership with Wilderlands, a biodiversity startup committed to preserving and protecting vulnerable Australian habitats. This collaboration is more than a product. Our commitment extends to making a positive impact on the environment. Taking action to preserve vulnerable habitats situated in Ngarrindjeri Country, we are fulfilling our pledge to contribute positively to the environment that inspires our products. 

This partnership is in harmony with our dedication to environmental stewardship. As we protect Australia's precious biodiversity, we are taking a step forward, one square metre at a time. For every Limited Edition Coastal Wildflower Duo sold, one square metre of land will be protected on site.

Coorong Lakes

The Coorong Lakes preservation effort is entwined with Ngarrindjeri history, aiming for a gradual transition of ownership to the traditional custodians. This collaborative journey safeguards regional biodiversity and honours the enduring connection between the land and its people. 

Once a potential threat to biodiversity, the Coorong Lakes project now stands as a conservation testament amidst cleared lands, serving as a vital sanctuary for diverse species.

Wilderlands is dedicated to strengthening conservation efforts through the Coorong Lakes project, ensuring enduring protection and management for the wildlife. The Coastal Wildflower Duo is a celebration of this, where every detail of the product pays tribute to a different aspect of the beautiful site.

Join al.ive body and Wilderlands in this groundbreaking initiative to protect the Coorong Lakes region - one square metre at a time.