Finding your purpose

Finding your purpose - al.ive body

How our Founders found their purpose, and how you can too.

If you’ve been searching for ways to gain more meaning in your life, if you’ve felt the need to be of service and contribution to others or if you like the idea of being a part of your community and co-creating for a cause, chances are you’ve been yearning for your purpose. This is what we experienced during our entrepreneurial journey which kick-started our newest purpose-led venture, al.ive body, in early 2019.

 As interior designers, we have built a successful career working on bespoke properties and collaborating with high profile Australian brands, alongside regular television appearances. Even though we’ve successfully delivered grand scale design projects and handled complex renovations, we struggled to source personal care products to complement and complete the styling of our properties.  It was during this time that we also became increasingly conscious of sustainability and the environment, leading us to discover our new entrepreneurial purpose. So, if you’ve been searching, what can you do to find yours?

al.ive body duo products in the bathroom


During our journey, especially in the early years of building Alisa and Lysandra Interiors, we worked consecutive late nights for months on end.  It was only once we grew our team and finally reclaimed our personal time that we began to notice that things could be done differently in order to protect the environment, both in the office and at home. Little by little we researched best practices and became passionate about reducing waste and preserving the environment, which now has a direct correlation with al.ive body and the way our products are designed and manufactured.

If you want to align with your purpose, you need to align with yourself first. Fill your cup, so to speak. When you’re depleted it’s like you have invisible blinkers on that prevent you from noticing what’s happening in the world around you. Find your balance, and create the space for people and new ideas to enter your realm.

 “If you want to align with your purpose, you need to align with yourself first.”

Alisa and Lysandra - al.ive body


With the internet being the greatest knowledge bank on earth, one random search on a spontaneous topic of interest can end up opening up a whole new world of enquiry. There is no shortage of social media groups, online meet-ups, and organisations that can help you explore an idea whilst connecting you to the right people that can help you facilitate it.  “Get curious” is our advice.


Time is the greatest resource and the greatest commodity. Big ideas may require an investment of time in order to be properly executed. Become generous with your time. Donate it, exchange it, and above all remember that every experience gained adds new layers of lifelong learning.

Alisa and Lysandra - al.ive body


Your intuition speaks volumes. If you get the idea to explore something, don’t delay it, and don’t second-guess it.Your inner guide tells you what feels right and what doesn’t through your emotions and through your senses. We both trusted our inner guidance to make important decisions around the creation of the al.ive body range, from idea all the way to launching in an already competitive marketplace.


Once you find your purpose, continue your journey. Be it a new business idea, a philanthropic cause, or simply in maximizing your enjoyment of your current job, it’s important to continue to stay aligned and to never allow yourself to stagnate. Living a life of purpose is an evolving process.  Flow with it, and most importantly, have fun doing so. We do!