Daily mindfulness tips to help you thrive

Daily mindfulness tips to help you thrive - al.ive body

This is no ordinary post about mindfulness, besides, the Internet is full of articles that explain what it is and for every article there are even more celebs that endorse its life-changing powers and for good reason.  We’ll skip a few pages and get straight to the point; the reasons why you should embrace mindfulness NOW and our top tips to make it a part of your everyday routine, without even realizing it (perhaps the only unconscious part we’ll allow for now).


Mindfulness is a mental state of being conscious and aware whilst firmly grounded in the present moment. So, for example, the mornings where you drive to work and you don’t remember how you got there are not mindful. Reflecting back on your week and not realizing how your Monday turned into Friday, is not mindful.  In other words, choosing mindfulness will enable you to do a whole lot of active, not passive living.

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You are one decision away from practicing more conscious living – it is literally just that; a decision. You’ll want to flick that switch to “on” faster than you think because scientific reports have proven that mindfulness improves your ability to focus and make decisions, it cuts pain in half, and even has the ability to rewire and rebuild your brain.

So here’s how we think you can start.


On average, we wash our hands quite a few times during the day.  It’s one of those “in-between” tasks that we never pay attention to, because the excitement level associated with it is…well, pretty low.  This is where our team decided to turn that around and grab every hand-washing opportunity to practice mindfulness. Using our range of hand wash adds that extra sensory experience as we use natural ingredients infused with essential oils and botanical extracts.  Treat your hand washing as an opportunity to relax for a few minutes. Apply al.ive body's hand wash on your hands, add some water, turn off the tap, and lather up. Focus on the motion, the scent, the gentle massage and eliminate any external thoughts that may come through, because right now all that is required of you is to wash your hands, take deep breaths and enjoy a few minutes away from the world.  That’s it; it is that simple.  Easy right? We love this because it truly does have a positive compounding effect that is felt from the very first time you apply it.

hand wash on your handsMINDFUL SHOWERS

We’ve spoken about this before and it’s one of our favourite things to do each evening. Mindful showering turns ordinary showers to therapy sessions. Using your choice of our body wash, step into the shower, preferably before bedtime and consciously wash away the day. For the next 4-5 minutes set the expectation that the world’s problems can wait and this is your time to indulge in solitude. Once out of the shower, spend a few minutes moisturising your entire body to leave it feeling perfectly hydrated. 


We’re big fans of the early morning club. To some, it may sound brutal to wake up unnecessarily early in the morning but to us it’s the perfect time of the day to sit in stillness for 15-30 minutes without interruptions, just allowing yourself to experience the present moment.  Done consecutively over time, you will notice your mood and your days improve and your stress coping mechanism will be greatly strengthened. 

EARLY RISINGThese tips are so simple, yet so effective, and you can embrace them starting today.

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