Is the latest industry trend worth your attention or just hype?

Is the latest industry trend worth your attention or just hype? - al.ive body

We’re all familiar with the term “Green Beauty”  - that is beauty products that are made in environmentally conscious ways and with natural or biodegradable ingredients and packaging. It has become so ubiquitous that it is now more unusual for a brand to NOT be vegan, naturally derived, housed in recyclable packaging, etc. These credentials are almost the new baseline for entry into the personal care market.


The latest trend to arise from our environmentally conscious worldview is blue beauty. What is blue beauty?

Blue beauty has evolved in response to the green beauty trend not suitably focusing on two key areas :

  • The impact of the personal care industry on our rivers and oceans;
  • And the post-consumer purchase impacts of personal care products.

To clarify the latter point further - where green beauty focuses on minimal-waste production and packaging made with recycled materials, blue beauty hones in on zero-waste packaging and the impacts of personal care formulas on wastewater.

A major impact on our rivers and oceans is plastic packaging not being disposed of properly. Whilst green beauty has encouraged manufacturers to use recycled plastic for their bottles, that same bottle can still become ocean waste once thrown in the bin. And a sea turtle can’t distinguish between virgin and recycled plastic when getting tangled in ocean detritus.



“How can I embrace blue beauty?” We hear you ask. One of the simplest ways is to make mindful purchases when adding to your personal care collection. High-quality bottles that are built to last are a smarter investment than cheap disposables. The al.ive body Hand & Body Wash bottles are made with premium soft-matte plastic that is also recyclable. This means they will continue to look great and perform far longer than cheaper alternatives. And being design-inspired (created by professional Interior Designers Alisa & Lysandra Fraser) you will want to enjoy their aesthetic appeal for a long time.

But what to do when the formula runs out? Alisa & Lysandra thought of that too. Refill pouches are available, which refill your bottles twice and save 88% plastic. And the pouches themselves are 100% recyclable*. 


Embracing conscious consumerism and trends like blue beauty doesn’t need to be difficult, and as al.ive body has shown does not require any compromise on quality or style. 

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*Simply remove the sticker and place the empty pouch in your household recycling.