How to care for your candle

How to care for your candle - al.ive body

How to make your scented candle last longer and burn better.

Scented candles are a luxury many of us indulge in to enhance our environment. But there is nothing worse than not getting the most out of our investment. There are a few simple tips you can implement to ensure your scented candle lasts longer and burns better.

Firstly, investing in a quality candle will have the greatest impact on your experience. High-quality candles generally use 100% soy wax for its clean-burning and ability to carry scent well (known as fragrance throw). This will ensure your home will be filled with beautiful scent and not smoke or soot. 

quality candles use 100% soy wax
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Preparation is the next big factor. It is important to follow a few steps to prevent your candle from tunnelling - that is burning down in a narrow column, leaving a perimeter of unburnt wax around the edge of the vessel. This is commonly caused by too-small wicks and insufficient burn time. 

To prevent tunnelling it is important to be aware that candles have both a minimum and maximum burn time. The al.ive body Home Fragrance Collection Soy Candles have a minimum initial burn time of 3 hours. Thereafter, the minimum burn time is 1 hour, and the maximum burn time at any stage is 3 hours. This minimum burn time ensures that the entire top layer of wax is melted fully, which will prevent the centre portion from evaporating quicker than the outer and creating a tunnel.

lightning candle


To ensure your candle burns cleanly and evenly, trimming the wick prior to lighting each time is important. The wick should be trimmed to 5mm for optimal performance. This can be done with specialist wick trimming scissors, or normal household scissors. A too-long wick can contribute to mushrooming of the wick and production of soot. Too short and it may not burn effectively or evenly and contribute to tunnelling.

The al.ive body Home Fragrance Collection Soy Candles not only feature high quality wax and sophisticated scents, but also tactile ceramic vessels which look beautiful on display. These hand-finished ceramics are both microwave and dishwasher safe and have been designed for ongoing use beyond the lifespan of the candle.

To prepare for reuse you will need to safely remove any leftover wax and the wick base. To do this we suggest filling your vessel with boiling water and letting the wax melt and rise to the surface. Once the water is cooled the wax will have solidified on the top and can be easily scooped out and placed in the bin. Use a spoon or butter knife to dislodge the wick base then clean the vessel in your sink or dishwasher as normal.

These beautiful ceramic vessels have a number of uses, some of our faves are below;

  • A coffee cup for your morning brew.
  • A storage vessel for small utensils or make-up brushes.
  • A home for spices, salt or sugar on your kitchen counter.
  • A discreet home for matches, alongside your new al.ive body Soy Candle.
  • A bedside catch-all for jewellery, hair ties or other accessories. 

With a few simple tips, you can ensure you get the most of your scented candle and enjoy its beautiful aroma throughout your home.