Welcome new colourways

Welcome new colourways - al.ive body


The full suite of Earth Collection Wash & Lotion now offers colourways for every preference and every style with the introduction of Applewood & Goji Berry in Blush Pink and Mango & Lychee in White.

“With all the consumer feedback and ever changing interior tastes and spaces, it was only natural to create these softer palettes to suit more interiors,” says Founder Alisa.

Alisa and Lysandra’s proud connection to country heavily influenced the look and feel of the inaugural  Earth Collection colourways and scents. And, this nostalgic representation of earth aspects have continued to inspire the two new additions.

“We believe in ritual not routine, so scent, hand feel and colourways we can connect with are front of mind during the process of product development”, says Alisa.

And the newest additions are almost good enough to eat. 

Enter, Applewood & Goji Berry in Blush Pink, which evokes the pink salt lakes and terrain in South Australia, with its reserved pink hue to create a delicate touch without being too feminine.

The velvety formula is carefully concocted with potent antioxidants Goji Berry and apple fruit extract, and hydrating aloe vera leaf juice to replenish skin.

Arguably better than dessert, notes of apple and goji berry are blended perfectly with sandalwood to offer the ideal balance of a sweet and woody aroma. 

Conversely, the Mango & Lychee in White is inspired by tumultuous white wash waves across our Australian coastlines, but it’s subtlety doesn’t reduce impact in any space.

With soothing skin at the forefront, the fruit extracts are the hero ingredients with rich essential fatty acids for calming abilities, and an invigorating perfume of orange oil to make you feel like you are on a summer holiday all year round.

Experience the Blush Pink and White in your home, here.