A Moment To Bloom: Behind The Scent

A Moment To Bloom: Behind The Scent - al.ive body

Experience the uplifting scent of A Moment to Bloom, a blend of watermint, blood orange, blossom, white lily, and vanilla bean. The enchanting fragrance invites you to savour life's simple pleasures, bringing a touch of joy to your day. Embrace the subtle notes of blood orange's freshness, the elegance of blossom, the invigorating crispness of watermint, and the comforting warmth of vanilla bean.

A Moment to Bloom is more than just a scent; it's an effortless way to infuse your surroundings with nature's beauty and enhance moments of tranquillity and growth. Let this delightful aroma be your daily reminder to indulge in self-care and cherish the beauty of simplicity.