Fragrance Sampling Card - Blackcurrant & Caribbean Wood


Want to know what our home fragrance range smells like? Our Fragrance Sampling Cards let you do just that. This card holds the scent of our Blackcurrant & Caribbean Wood home fragrance for you smell at home and fall in love with. 

Still not sure which scent you will like best? Take a look at our Home Fragrance Sample Pack where you trial both our home fragrance scents.

Not sure what to do with it when you are done? This card can be slipped into clothing draws to give your clothing a light fragrance refresh, or simply pop into your recycling bin.


Experience invigorating notes of freshly picked Blackcurrant Berries with a touch of crisp Green Melon. Followed by floral accents of Roses in bloom and completed with the perfect combination of Moss and Caribbean Wood. 

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