The beauty of feeling alive

The beauty of feeling alive - al.ive body

We can spend thousands of dollars every year on beauty products, treatments and therapies for our face and body, hoping to not only regenerate and reclaim our youth, but most importantly to feel good about ourselves.  Feeling good is one thing; feeling alive however is what we like to aim for and there are ways you can achieve that, every single day!

Keep reading, as we’ll show you how.


Have you taken your daily beauty routine for granted?

Showering, moisturising, exfoliating…these are as automated as brushing teeth. With full schedules and days that sometimes require you to perform true balancing acts, it’s easy to lose consciousness around the things you repeatedly do to care for your face and body, sometimes even seeing these as chores. “Siri, please remove my makeup” is the ongoing meme of the exhausted! 

But what we found is that becoming conscious and intentional with your daily personal care routine has the ability to completely transform how you feel.
What if you could turn this into the much-needed ‘me-time’ you’ve been craving?

What if you dedicated your shower time for a ritual of releasing stress and washing the day off? What if you dedicated 4 minutes every day to lovingly moisturising your thirsty skin without checking your phone or thinking about all the things on your to-do list?

Becoming conscious is the first step on your way to feeling alive!


Feeling alive has a lot to do with the purity of the personal care products you use. A clean beauty regime is one sans toxins.  Petrochemicals and other toxic nasties often hidden in beauty products have the capacity to interfere with your life more than you know, disrupting your endocrine system, causing havoc with your hormones, even contributing to your daily fatigue. With natural products on the market, there’s never been a better time to become a conscious consumer and enquire about what’s actually in the products you use daily.  Your skin is your largest body organ; eliminate and replace toxic beauty products and you’ll start noticing the difference within 30 days; in some cases almost immediately.


When it comes to showering, you can’t go past dry brushing, which will make your shower ritual a completely different and more enriched experience. Using a long wooden dry brush that you’ll find in almost any pharmacy and beauty department, not only will you naturally be exfoliating your skin, but you’ll also be draining your lymphs, and increasing your blood flow and circulation.

Sounds like a lot of work? It actually isn’t, as your skin responds even to the gentlest of motions. Starting with the arms and legs, use upward motions towards the heart, then focus on your stomach with gentle clockwise brushstrokes. Do this before every shower and feel the difference in your mood and ability to cope with stress right from the very first day. Plus, gorgeous skin.


With sun exposure, city pollution, and frequent washing, it’s easy to strip your skin off its natural oils. Spending a few minutes to moisturise your entire body after every shower is not only essential in maintaining youthful looking skin, but also a beautiful daily practice in appreciation and mindfulness. Give back to your skin with naturally nourishing products that will leave you feeling energised, calm, and beautiful during the day or night!

You are only one decision away from feeling alive. Start today.