al.ive body Team X Adele Naidoo

al.ive body Team X Adele Naidoo - al.ive body

Drawn together when their ethos and outlook aligned so beautifully, for our natural world and reverence of the beauty within it serve as vital inspiration for both the brand and artist. 

The al.ive body team were so excited to work with contemporary artist Adele Naidoo on our limited edition collection. Her signature painterly and feminine florals are adored Australia-wide for the sense of calm and joy they evoke. 

We spent some time getting to know Adele during this process, to understand what inspires her artwork and process, and what brings joy in her daily life. Says Adele, “I draw inspiration from my early memories of watching my father create and paint. Growing up in South Africa I was surrounded by nature and always admired the landscapes.” Adele was born in Durban, South Africa and immigrated to New Zealand when she was 10. The memories of the rich, natural environments of her formative years now inspire her artwork, as does that of where she now resides, Perth WA, with her young family. 

“Flowers are of course a huge inspiration, and since I was little I was obsessed with colour palettes and would arrange my wardrobe, toys and stationery into colour order” continues Adele. Now Adele takes inspiration from the iconic work of Henri Matisse and his use of colour blocking and pastel hues with pops of colour, as well as more contemporary sources like fashion, interiors, travel and culture.

Making time for creativity is something both Adele and al.ive body founders Alisa & Lysandra find a challenge but an important priority. Says Adele “I feel most creative when I’m trying to sleep! I always come up with ideas for collections or paintings just as I am falling asleep. I’ll get an idea or an image in my mind and have to get my phone out to jot it all down - my husband is not a fan of my timing but I think it’s the time when my head is clear - without the busyness of daily tasks I am able to really have space to think creatively”. 


An artist’s creative process varies by individual, and Adele has developed her own process for creating her engaging works. “I start my art using photoshop, where I have created a digital collection of all of my hand-drawn florals. With new works, I add new floral elements and experiment with compositions and colourways” she says. “My work has evolved from purely digital drawings to mixed media, where I now combine both acrylic painting and digital art. Large scale florals, thick textured brushstrokes, dripping paint on a subdued pastel or contrasting dark, moody background is my signature style. Time spend in lockdown pushed me creatively and I began experimenting with calmer palettes and designing new products” She continues. 

The affinity between Adele and al.ive body was reinforced by the shared love of inspiring interiors. Alisa and Lysandra are renowned interior designers, and make their mark on spaces with their signature elevated and refined style. It was this passion that inspired the launch of al.ive body - to deliver premium personal care products that also satisfied the standards of the design-conscious. And even before this collaboration, Adele was a huge fan of the al.ive body Hand & Body Duo, saying “I am obsessed with your colour palette! I am naturally drawn to warmer, earth tones so it’s a hard pick between the softer tones of Applewood & Goji Berry, Mango & Lychee or the gorgeous terracotta of Fig, Apricot & Sage. They’re all so divine aesthetically but also have the most gorgeous scent profiles”. 

This love of earthy tones not only shines through in Adele’s art, but also in her interior style, describing it as “Very mediterranean inspired, boho-luxe vibes and a mix of mid-century. I am a huge fan of Kelly Wearstler, I love how she mixes contemporary and vintage, architectural and organic forms together to create magic”. 

It is this passion for aesthetic beauty that aligns Adele and al.ive body so well, and has allowed us to craft such a beautiful suite of gifts as part of this collaboration. To view the range and find your perfect gift for someone special or yourself, view the collection here