Sweet Dewberry & Clove Diffuser


The al.ive body Home Fragrance Collection has been developed to help our homes possess a sense of calm and ease, and do so with their gentle organic shapes and scents that evoke our natural environment.

Sweet Dewberry & Clove features matte-white ceramic vessels, that enhance any decor or colour palette whilst scenting your home with the heady aroma of tropical fruit and warm spices.

Thoughtfully designed with the environment in mind, you can continue to use your beautiful vessel with our diffuser refill range [include hyperlink to refill page].


We use a premium biodegradable base that is vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic to humans and the environment. Our formula has excellent scent carrier properties, which will ensure our diffuser imbues your home with beautiful fragrance for many months to come. 

We will soon be launching refills for our diffusers, to find out when they are available click here to register.


Size: 250ml. 


A striking fragrance that captivates the senses with a unique blend of PawPaw and Dewberry. Combining the warmth and spice of Juniper Berry & Cloves, this formulation has been skillfully mixed with a hint of Coconut and Vanilla Sugar to finish.


Featuring a matte white finish, the exterior of the vessel is left unglazed to let the natural texture of the ceramic be enjoyed. The interior of the vessel is glazed with a clear gloss to protect the formula within and ensure you can continue to refill it for a long time to come. 


Remove all components from box. To prevent damage from spills, carefully pour the fragranced oil into the vessels over a sink. Insert reeds into the diffuser, after 10 minutes flip and place the reeds back into the oil-filled vessel, allowing the saturated ends to be exposed. If any spills occur, wipe both vessel and surface immediately to prevent staining.

Place the assembled diffuser onto a stable surface, avoiding wood, painted, lacquered or polished surfaces. The fragrance travels up the reeds and is diffused into the air. The level of fragrance may be controlled by the number of reeds used and the frequency they are flipped. You can rotate your reeds weekly or when required to refresh the scent. Continue using your beautiful vessel with our diffuser refill range [link].

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Amazing smell

This diffuser sits at the front of the house and you can smell it all the way down the hallway!

Amber K.

Sweet Dewberry & Clove Diffuser

Cheryl R.
Dewberry &Clove diffuser

Absolutely love this diffuser !!! This product is beautiful you can smell the dewberry and Clove as soon as you enter our home. Fantastic congrats guys love it.

Josie V.
Feeling al.ive

Thank you so much for my fragrance. Replying to my email was prompt and without delay. Shipping was so quick also. al.ive life time customer.
Thanks again 🙏😊

Christine L.
Refillable Diffuser…Finally!

I am so impressed with this product. A subtle and pleasant fragrance housed in a ceramic bottle that is refillable. Brilliant!

Natasha B.
Sweet Dewberry & Clove Diffuser & Candle

Beautiful packaging. The diffuser and candle are gorgeous.
The scent of both are really beautiful. The diffuser is exceptional! Aesthetically, so stylish. I will be buying again soon. My new go to. Thanks team.

Diffuser I love you!

Smells amazing and looks amazing in my bathroom. Thank you!

Paula S.
Diffuser and room spray

Looks absolutely beautiful and smells Devine

Veronica H.
Sweet Dewberry & Clove Diffuser & Candle

WOW!! I was so happy with the look and smell of these 2 products. Not only did it compliment my home with the look, the scent from the diffuser and candle was amazingly fresh & soft. This new range is exactly what my house needed a change from Glasshouse & Ecoya products. The beauty of the package makes this better to display as a piece of your home that belongs. I recommend buying these the scents alone are worth it.
I hope we will be able to buy refills soon to keep stocked up for summer.
Brilliant work on these team al.ive ..


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