Here at al.ive body we strive to create and deliver a product that keeps the planet in mind. This is why we carefully consider what your product is delivered in. Take a look at our guide to help you responsibly dispose of your al.ive body packaging.

for product protection

bio fill & kraft paper

To ensure your order arrives to you safely we use either 100% recyclable kraft paper or 100% biodegradable bio-fill made from Australian corn and potato starch.

To responsibly dispose of the kraft paper, simply put into your home recycling bin. To responsibly dispose of the bio-fill simply pop it in your sink and run the tap.

When immersed in water, the bio-fill dissolves with no harmful residue. It can be placed in your green waste rubbish as it completely breaks down.
for delivery

cardboard boxes & padded mailers

Your al.ive body order will arrive to you in either a cardboard box or padded mailer bag. Please ensure you remove all labels and sticky tape from your cardboard box before placing the box in your home recycling bin.

All labels and tape can be put into the general waste bin. For padded mailers, please remove the inside bubble layer and deliver to your local soft plastics recycling point. The outside paper layer of the mailer must be placed in your general waste bin.
for the goods

products & product packaging

We have designed our al.ive body products to last and we encourage you to refill them rather than disposing of them. However, if you do need to dispose of them, refer to the individual packaging for how to recycle responsibly. al.ive body are proud members of the Australian Packaging Covenant and are committed to creating products which are kind to our planet.