The seconds MANGO & LYCHEE HAND & BODY WASH REFILL has some slight flaws and/or faults that make it unfit for full price sale. As a brand aim to reduce waste and do not wish to throw away these products away.  So, we make these products available to you at a heavily reduced price. 

For full information about the contents of this product to please see the official product page. Faults within Wash & Lotion Refills could be, but are not limited to: 

  • Marks on surface of refill
  • Sticky due to Soap/lotion residue
  • Sticker Peeling
  • Split in packaging
  • Missing a small amount of formula

Please note items are picked at random you are not able to select which faults you would like to have. Not all faults are displayed in images, images are there for example purpose only. This item is not valid for return of any kind

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