Interior Indulgence Gift Set - Sweet Dewberry & Clove

$156.40 $184

Stimulate your senses and add a new layer of luxury to your space with our home fragrance trio in Sweet Dewberry & Clove. 


  • 1 x Sweet Dewberry & Clove Soy Candle 295g
  • 1 x Sweet Dewberry & Clove Ceramic Diffuser 250ml
  • 1 x Sweet Dewberry & Clove Luxury Room Spray 


The elegant diffuser disperses the fragrance subtly through your home, the scent does not overpower but enhances your comfort.

The candle with its organically shaped and hand-finished vessel perfectly combines form and function and provides two levels of fragrance - subtle when unlit, and more intense under flame as the fragrance unfurls with heat. 

And the room spray provides the most immediate delivery of fragrance, a simple spritz brightening an entire room. Use on days when you can open your home to the sunlight and fresh air, as the scent will be carried throughout on the gentle breeze.


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