From ‘natural’ to ‘conscious’ - what the beauty consumer really wants.

2020 was a year of upheaval, and we all continue to feel the impacts now in 2021. COVID, lockdowns and isolation prevent us from interacting with one another as normal, but also encourage us to appreciate being alone as a time to relax and recharge.

Consumer Insights Firm Mintel predicts that self-care will continue to be important throughout 2021/22, but that consumer expectations are getting higher.

With more time spent considering the products they use, consumers are now expecting brands to live and breathe their same values. Natural ingredients are now the standard, with winning brands investing in ethical manufacturing, recyclable packaging and waste minimisation programs. 

Brands that clearly communicate their stringent environmental and safety practices and standards will instil confidence in the minds of consumers and attract new customers seeking assurance in their product choices. 



Market Research Experts Euromonitor supports these insights, showing that the desire for eco or ethical-friendly products is rising, particularly amongst younger and digital-native consumers. 

COVID-19 has brought a new consciousness that has spotlighted “purpose over profit” as a key brand value. This holistic approach to sustainability goes beyond environmental impacts and encompasses social and economic values too. 




Hand & Body Duos + Refill Pouches

Our bottles are built to last, and remain a focus and feature of your benchtop for many years. Our refill pouches allow you to refill your Hand & Body Wash and Lotion bottles (twice!) and can be 100% recycled after use. And ALL al.ive body products are manufactured right here in Australia. 


*MINTEL 2021, Global Beauty and Personal Care Trends. 
**EUROMONITOR INTERNATIONAL, Beauty and Personal Care : From Sustainability to Purpose in Beauty, February 2021. 
^Excluding sticker. Remove sticker and place pouch in your household recycling.